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At some point in our lives, we all experience inflammation and pain. I know I have. Inflammation is the underlying cause of all pain in the body. In today’s society, it appears that the only available treatment for inflammation and pain are medications that do not do anything more than manage the pain, they do not address the cause of it. And these medications have severe side effects that are very hazardous to your health. Improving the blood flow in the body can help reduce the inflammation by improving the oxygen and nutrients provide to the cells and the removal of more toxins from the cells. This also improves the efficiency of the white blood cells in fighting disease. The Magna Wave PEMF device can help reduce the inflammation in your body.

My name is Robert Lanphier and I am a certified Magna Wave PEMF practitioner. I have been familiar with the Naturopathic medical field since the year 2000 and have found that there are very real instances where the Naturopathic and Holistic practices are just as effective, if not more so, than main stream medicine.

I have served as an emergency responder for 20 years in the petrochemical industry in the area of EMS, Fire & Rescue, and Hazmat. I have also serviced as an instructor in the Fire & Rescue and Hazmat areas of emergency response for 10 years. I want to help you improve your wellness with the therapy provided by the Magna Wave PEMF device.

We use the Magna Wave Vesta Duo!
It has short treatment times that are perfect for people and pets!



With Magna Wave PEMF, animals suffering from pain and inflammation can feel better and stay active. Competitive canines can stay in peak condition and recover quickly from the stress of competition. But it’s not just for cats and dogs! Birds, pigs and everything in between can benefit from Magnawaving!